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  • Staff does NOT need to be licensed users on your bookkeeping system to be able to participate and benefit from DocuBizz.
  • Training is a one day effort for bookkeeping staff and ONE HOUR for approvers and management.
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Adding speed, accountability and automation to your accounts payable process.. Close

A thorough approval process - made simple and intuitive

DocuBizz prevents overpaying and late payments

DocuBizz delivers real savings while adding accountability

Low fixed cost, no surprises - superior return on investment


Adding DocuBizz is NOT an IT project A one day effort

Look-up any invoice + history when & where You Need It

Approve On The Move™ with the DocuBizz App

DocuBizz is a document based workflow system with significantly more benefit than a traditional paper or digital document filing system.

DocuBizz automates the “busy work”. Data entry, getting the invoice in front of the right person(s) for approval, the cost distribution and booking. Save time, increase speed and quality of decision making.

Uniform processing of paper, PDF and XML-based invoices

DocuBizz prevents backtracking, redoing, wrongly booked cost

DocuBizz STOPS overpaying and wrongly paying invoices

DocuBizz is a fixed price service - NO tip of the iceberg pricing!!

DocuBizz is achievable WITHOUT an IT project

DocuBizz ADDS value to your accounting system

NO servers or databases required. One-day effort


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We use DocuBizz: Combined Metal Industries Inc.

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We use DocuBizz: The Sulland Group

We use DocuBizz across our five different ERP systems & 30 locations. We save money and time every day, Stig Boerrestuen Group CIO/CFO ...




We use DocuBizz: UNISCRAP

We use DocuBizz seamlessly, across our 15 locations in 2 countries, . We save time and money every day, Jens Frimand CIO ...


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We use DocuBizz: The MUNCK GROUP

We use DocuBizz all across all our construction projects and enterprises, 200+ users. We save time and money every day, founder & CEO Hans Christian Munck ...



Fast and easy rollout, across all our enterprises & locations, now we save time and money every day! ...