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  • It’s a ONE day effort!
  • We do the rest – it is ALL part of the DocuBizz Cloud experience.
  • Start saving MONEY and free up staff time immediately.
  • Spend your time doing our REAL job, rather than chasing invoices, suppliers and information.
  • Users get INSTANT ACESS by clicking on an encrypted link.


  • No installation time, no IT consultants, no hassle, NO WASTE of time and Money – no IT footprint.
  • Staff does NOT need to be licensed users on your bookkeeping system to be able to participate and benefit from DocuBizz.
  • Training is a one day effort for bookkeeping staff and ONE HOUR for approvers and management.
  • Schedule a DocuBizz walk-through, and get a FIXED PRICE  quote –  today

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DocuBizz Special Editions

Din DocuBizz Edition er altid rettet direkte mod dit specifikke økonomisystem og den version du anvender.

Hvis dit specifikke økonomisystem ikke er nævnt her så kontakt os alligevel. Vi er altid tidstillet på at lave nye integrationer uden ekstra omkostninger for den enkelt kunde hvis vi ikke allerede har lavet den integration du har brug for.

DocuBizz Editions indeholder blandt andet følgende:

  • En opdateret kontoplan plus øvrige dimensioner.
  • En altid opdateret leverandør kontodatabase direkte fra dit økonomisystem, inkusive kreditbetingelser og mere, for at sikre
  • Your complete and updated supplier database, including credit terms and more, to ensure that all invoices are posted in the relevant supplier account
  • Using P.O.’s you get all open purchasing orders, to match incoming invoices to the relevant p.o.  – on-line in DocuBizz
  • A “view DocuBizz invoice” button added in selected screens in your ERP/Bookkeeping package.



DocuBizz is designed to add value to the investment you have made in your ERP/Bookkeeping system.

DocuBizz takes full advantage of all the information and logic you already have entered and maintain there.

We do NOT ask you to duplicate information, or re-enter data, we utilize the work you have already done.

We ONLY make Money if you stay with us..

..and ONLY if we keep solving your problems and meeting your needs fast and efficiently.

That is why our business model works FOR you.